Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Thinking

Today I am thinking about things…lots of them. The volume of thoughts is probably in direct correlation to the level of silence in my house. IT IS COMPLETELY QUIET! And I am loving it.

Currently bantering about in my head is what to do as a stay at home mom when the kids go back to school, which they both did yesterday. Obviously (I think), I should probably work on the list I had for summer projects but didn’t quite get done…or started for that matter.

What I am really spending the most time thinking about is how to most effectively manage my time. What will I be doing each day while I’m home, and what I will do on the days I am not at home? I foresee a high need for time flexibility in my future.

I am planning on substitute teaching for the school system. Since this can be a feast or famine job I know I need to plan for days of out of the home and days in the home, not knowing which will be more frequent.

Both schools have encouraged joining the PTA/PTL, which I will probably do…since the main purpose of leaving the rat race was to do mom stuff. The next question is how active do I want to be as a Classroom Mother…not sure yet on this one. I love both schools and want to spend time in both, but I’m not sure about this specific commitment. I do love, love, love the Learning Expeditions with the elementary school and will participate in as many of those as I can.

So what do I do at home…I’m thinking of creating my own chart for the minimum daily requirements for days spent out of the house and a separate list of things to do during days in the house. Knowing myself as well as I do I am certain nothing will get done if it is not on a list to be checked off (yeah, I’m that girl).

So as I go through this next week I will be prioritizing…laundry, exercise, ebaying, dog walking (vs. letting them play outside all day), scanning, sorting, purging, de-cluttering, shopping, pedicure-ing, reading, cooking, playing, praying, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Stay tuned for an update as to what is vital to our daily well being as well as which things can continue to be pushed on down the to do list.

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