Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Judgmental People

I have determined I do not like judgmental people. You know, the ones who are always looking down their nose at someone and finding fault with nearly everyone they encounter. Their choices, lifestyles, family and work are always better, more fun, healthier and more perfect that those around them. I don’t know what makes people this way. I am certain it is often times caused by an internal feeling of inferiority. Certainly if someone is less something you must be good enough, right? Sometimes I think people just don’t know any better.

I used to love being one of the judgmental people. I wouldn’t have been called a “Chatty Kathy” but the term “Catty Kathy” would certainly have applied. Not only did I find myself greatly entertained by poking fun but I was one of the “don’t know any betters’.” I thought one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon was hanging at the mall looking at all the what part of that did she think looked good when she checked the mirror this morning people. Oh the sheer joys in finding fault with others poor taste in clothing, or hairstyle, or gait, or who they chose to be with. Snicker, snicker, “what was she THINKING?”

And then somewhere along the way I came to know better. I realized that finding fault with others isn’t really very funny and never really made me feel any better. It is not nice nor is it not biblical. I have come a long way from the catty girl I once was, but every now and then a bit of snippiness flits through my brain…but now it never makes it past my lips. See, I try to remember I have a beam in my eye.

So now I find myself in a dilemma. I don’t want to be judgmental nor do I like judgmental people. But by determining I do not like someone for being judgmental am I thereby judging them myself? And if I tell someone I think they are being judgmental am I then putting my own judgment to voice? I don’t know how to sever judgmental people from my life, but I am finding keeping them is more trouble than they are worth.