Friday, May 15, 2009

New Direction

Today, I changed direction. My life now with a new, different path to follow; bumps, curves, smooth even spots like I have not experienced before.

I will be here for each skinned knee, bumped noggin, and stubbed toe. Cereal bowls in the sink, and squeals of laughter, tears of sibling rivalry, begging for the pool, trampoline, outside—sun, air, nature, life, and knowledge. I will be here for the important moments of their lives…I will be the caretaker, question answerer, teacher, and mother.

I join forces unfamiliar, respected, esteemed…I know the work is never done; I am amazed how the tasks get completed, and then time to cover the important questions too, “Why do frogs like being wet?” “Where does the fire come from on the stove?” “Can you have babies before you are married?” “Who decided what the planets names would be?” and “Why doesn’t every one love Jesus?”

These women I join today, I admire, for they must always be prepared for the known and the unexpected. I strive to imitate, pattern, learn as I go. I am blessed there are so many who have gone before me and share their knowledge, skill, successes, failures. They share, and like me, learn from others as they take on this grand adventure, stay at home mom.

The beauty found in a moment with a small child. Today my path takes me there.