Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trophy Wife Tuesday

This week as I have prayed about the assets and attributes of a Trophy Wife I have been a bit overwhelmed at times by the sheer awesomeness of Mrs. Proverbs 31. This woman rocks, I mean really rocks. I have actually found myself wondering what Mr. Proverbs 31 does. I mean really, she does it ALL; so does he sit home eating bon-bons and shop HSN all day?

All kidding aside, I do want to be more like this woman, and I know God (who loves me mightily just as I am) would not have led me here if he didn’t expect some growth. So, this week I decided to make two areas of our home a bit more inviting for my Hero.

Now since we have two small offspring who think they rule our roost it is near impossible to create a haven exclusively for my Hero. So I found two rooms where he spends time and determined to make them more inviting for him (and me too).

Before I reveal the first room I worked on I need make crystal clear how blessed I am. My Hero does laundry, regularly. When my dad first got sick my Hero took over almost all the household duties to include the mountains of laundry a family of four produces. So one of the rooms I decided to make more inviting is the laundry room. Yes, the laundry room.
Here is a before:

And the after:

Yes, it took a number of hours to get it all put away. And then I took some time to figure out how to make if more effective for the children to help with sorting. This post is actually significantly later than I had hoped today due to a stop off at our local Target store. I decided to pick up the curtains and then redo the storage bins. Tie-backs courtesy of the accessory clearance rack, woohoo! The two large bins on the floor will be used for additional ease of sorting for the children and each of us now has our own small bin to carry our folded stuff back to the bedroom to put away. I even picked up a little pink basket for all those solo socks that hang out in the dryer. I do think the result will inspire me to do more of the laundry, and hopefully be more inviting for my Hero when he does venture in.

The second space I took on this week was the bedroom. I was hoping to create a more welcoming space for both my Hero and myself to unwind and relax. Yes, the laundry sorting and putting away took hours, and the clutter control took about 30 minutes, but once it was complete I could really see just a few things I could change to encourage us to both spend more time in this room.

The table beside the settee was in our garage, the lamp was in a box in the guest room closet. I dug around and found some pleasant smelling candles as well as scented oils with pretty bamboo sticks. I dug around in the guest room where we have a pile of artwork and found the paintings for the walls too!

The only expense to create a couples haven was for the indoor plants added on each side of the bed. A quick trip with the children to a local greenhouse proved to be educational, fun and productive. The staff actually looked at pictures of the room to see the lighting to help us make the best selection. And then the kids had a great time helping re-pot the plants before we left. The gorgeous orchid was a gift thrown in by the amazing Lisa at the greenhouse as we were leaving with a lesson on how to properly care for it.

The best thing about this Trophy Transformation is the access to the settee and the small table. I have created a “prayer closet” without a door. I had yet to find a comfortable place in the house for my daily Bible reading, prayer and time-out from the children. It is awesome to sit here with my cup of coffee, my morning reading and quiet thoughts as the day begins. I am sure this location will be where I recognize many of the steps of my Trophy Wife Transformation.
This last one is just for anyone who knows me really well who might think I pushed all the treasures to the other side of the room. Haha, I really did put it all away!


  1. It looks awesome! Can you come help with my house? I know that I will have to get rid of a ton of stuff, but it will be worth it. Maybe you could give me some of the tips you got from the organizer and actually make me use them! Ha!

  2. Re: blog comment. Nope those aren't shelves, they're windows. We have 9 windows and a door in that room!

    Love you washer and dryer by the way!

  3. Wow, you actually just made me WANT to clean my house!!!!

    It looks SOOOOO nice once it's cleaned up. I must get busy! Great job!!!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration. =0)

  4. I won't lie. that is pretty darn impressive organization. way to go trophy wife!

  5. What a blessing you must be to your family. Thank you for inspiring me to be the same.