Sunday, July 26, 2009

Silent Sunday

It’s Sunday and I’m sad. I am not typically sad on Sunday’s; in fact I usually love Sundays…but this one not so much.

It’s hot and humid outside, and I really don’t have any fondness for humidity. It make me feel sticky and I hate being sticky. I also don’t particularly like what it does to my hair either.

A strange wind is blowing too. The trees outside the window are moving strangely, slowly like a sloth, but in random eerie circles. The limbs are not moving in unison either; just random wiggles, arcs and sway’s like little demons jumping from branch to branch causing the senseless movement.

The sky was gray and full of rain this morning which I found lovely and refreshing. But now it is white and endless and dull. The sun is not breaking through nor is there any blue. Just endless white, flat cloud cover.

It is quiet in my home. A near noiseless quite, that at moments when it is broken shakes me, rattles me to the core. The sudden thundering of First Born’s feet up the hallway stirs me away from my thoughts which right now are deep and dark, questioning and seeking answer. I need the quiet, the silence, to swallow me up and keep me safe from the dark places my mind wants to take me; places I have not been for so long.

I know not why this day has come as it is. I am ok with this not knowing, but I seek Him in this sorrow-filled silence searching for answer, change…and peace.

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  1. Very sweet. THose days are so odd, yet comforting to know that you need time to seek those places. I hope you find your peace.