Thursday, May 24, 2012

Planner Giveway, Yes please, I want in!

I have a new addiction. Well not so much an addiction as a new favorite website. The first thing most of you who know me will immediately think Pinterest. Although I love this one and can easily waste a number of hours there each day it is not my new fave.

My new fave stems from our new (relatively) homeschooling way of life. It is Home Educating Family and I just can't get enough. The reviews about homeschooling products are amazing and useful. The magazine, which available online, comes to my home as scheduled and I love curling up with it for a quiet read. The planners are beautiful too. I ordered one this past year and LOVED it, so I have a new one for '12-'13. They also have an utterly indescribably online homeschool convention you say? Yep, with speakers and vendor halls and everything. You have to check it out, even if you are not a homeschooling mama or daddy you will find useful information on the site.

What I am most excited about this week though is the giveaway. Who me, like a giveaway? You betcha! Check out the Weekly Giveaway to see this amazing tool. It is a homeschool parent's dream for scheduling software. It can keep track of dozens of kids, in dozens of grades, with dozens of assignments...and keep your household management schedule on track too. Not only all this, but it is pretty too. I can't wait to get my hands on this product and look forward to reviewing it after using it for a month or two.

Check them out, enjoy their amazing site, and learn a ton. You won't regret looking into my new addiction.

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  1. So glad you love what you find at HEF! I invite you to visit our blog, too! :)

    Good luck in the contest. ;)