Thursday, May 24, 2012


I love having a blog...not so much being a blogger, but having a blog. I am secure knowing it is always waiting patiently for me, with no expectations, and happy when I return for a visit.

My first blog post ever was so very true. I WANT to be a blogger, I really, really do. But I find myself distracted so easily, and then life happens, and I get sleepy, and I get busy, and I find myself on my knees asking for strentgh to get through the day... And the blog? It waits patiently for my triumphant return.

See my blog knows I am constantly thinking about it. It knows I have posts constantly running through my head, chomping at the bit to get posted. My blog is secure in the knowledge that I love it and care deeply for it and I will certainly return, eventually.

Maybe this summer will be the summer I really become the blogger my blog knows I have locked away inside. I am certain life would be much simpler if some of the ideas came out the fingers and stopped bouncing around in my head. I would love to be one of those goal driven gals that said something like, "This summer I will post a minimum of five writings per week!" But I know myself well enough to know that is definitely not an effective method to inspire me to get the fingers moving. We will see how it goes.

Again I say, I want to be a blogger, I really do.

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  1. If it makes you feel in better in this world, I want to be a blogger also. But then life, school, work and stress get in the way. I enjoy taking time out to just read about the lives of my friends. It is wonderful to see that even though we are not in the same places in our lives the same things are going on in all of our lives.

    Have a great summer and enjoy those kids. Before you know it, you will have all kinds of time to blog when the children are grown and doing their own things.