Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dear Sixteen Year Old Rachel

Dear Sixteen Old Rachel,

Happy Birthday wild child! I know you had the most amazing day driving to school and getting your license today, what a blast! French silk pie and all your friends over for a great party, but hang on to your seat, you have no idea what is in store for you!

You are going to have a wild ride. That boy you think is so sweet right now is a dork (you will find this out in 20 years). The next boy you adore will have the brains of a turnip...he is a super hot turnip, but a turnip none the less. When you are 20 you are going to think you have found the love of your life...for the fifth time. He is just a passing fancy, your heart will recover and so will his. ;) The love of you life when you are 21 will have no problem sending you 2500 miles to college, you will recover from this one as well. The first husband will treat you well, but will still not be the right fit. In fact, the one who will truly capture your heart won't show up for what seems to you now like a gazillion years. He is going to give you two amazing babies and love you like you never knew a person could love.

You are going to have so much fun! You will get in to SO much trouble as well...but there is so much more you will get away are going to think you are invincible. Fast cars won't kill you, even though you total three of them. The boys won't break your heart. The cigarettes you think are cool right now really will disgust you in a number of years and you will quit, so they won't kill you either. Any other experiments you might have will just season you for the future.

You are going to lose your dad way too soon...and for a time you will be certain you have lost your mother as well. You will band close to your brother and find comfort in your family and friends through this dark time. I promise you there is light at the end of that tunnel.

The most amazing thing will happen in your thirties though. You will find out you have had someone by your side through all of these times. When you walked out of that car that rolled over and over down that hill, when you drove through Pacific Beach too toasted to walk let alone drive, when you moved across the country, when you cheated on a test, when you finished college, when your dad dies...God will be holding you in the palm of your hand. THE ENTIRE TIME! I know you don't believe me now, you don't think He even exists, but He is real and you will be so utterly blown away by his grace and love when you finally realize how real He is.

Don't regret a single thing you do (even when you know better) because all will be forgiven when the time is right. Have a blast on your journey, know you are loved, and remember no matter how dark it gets you are never alone.

Be blessed Sixteen Year Old Rachel! I love you, and occasionally miss you, and wish you the ride of your life!

Forty Year Old Rachel

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