Thursday, October 1, 2009


As a first time volunteer answering phones at Love 89 Sharathon I am moved to share some thought and insight to the situation and atmosphere in the studio.
For the past two and a half days I have spent five hours sitting by the phones and answering calls. When I initially arrived on Tuesday the atmosphere was jovial, excited, and full of energy. Each ring of the phone brought smiles and cheers from both the Love 89 staff and the volunteers. Everyone was filled with hope for the coming days and hours and reaching the operating budget goal.
As the days have progressed the volume of calls has decreased and so have the pledges. The situation at the moment has the station funded at barely over 50% of the upcoming year.
For me this is a difficult thing to see. Love 89 has made a huge impact on me and my family. The first time I decided to give what inspired me was the sound of silence…knowing if they did not receive the funding they needed that is what I would hear when my dial hit 89.1. At that moment I knew I needed to do my part.
Now, years later, I have come to know some of the Love 89 staff on a personal level. My children view the DJ’s as family and beg to attend all the remote events where they will have an opportunity to see them, talk to them, and hug them. My pledge has increased each year in spite of the grim economic climate we currently find ourselves. I KNOW GOD will make the way for me to meet the pledge he has put on our hearts to commit.
Now as I sit here in “Telephone Central” looking at a silent phone my heart breaks. I know these people, care about them, and their families. I also care deeply about the call that God has put on their hearts and lives to do His work in this community.
This Sharathon is more than a few dollars to hear a few songs on the way to work and get a traffic update. This is people’s livelihoods and callings; God’s calling answered and fulfilled. These families who are willing to change their own lifestyles to answer His call and serve us…the listeners.
The people you are hearing on the radio are passionate about their callings, and their listeners. They have heard His call and they serve. And now they sit here trying to express the urgency for funding to keep God’s ministry flowing through our community. What they are not telling you, and what you cannot see, is this is their very livelihood in jeopardy. This call God has placed on them puts the food on their tables and clothes on their backs. Children are loved under their roofs and families are connected and bonded through this amazing family born of this radio station.
For me, any gift I may have to work a little harder for, cut something small out of my budget, or even something large is worth the sacrifice to know these people are able to continue their work. Answering His call can sometimes be a difficult thing; they do it graciously, happily, and thoroughly. I for one, choose to step up, make a difference, and do what I can so my friends will be able to continue their work for Him.

If you can help, or know someone who can, I encourage you to call 865-934-6089 or visit

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