Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Find

Since it’s Friday, and I like Fridays and fun things and finding fun things, I wanted to share one of my most recent “finds.” I frequently check out advertisers links on blogs, especially ones on the blogs I like and especially the advertisers who are other bloggers. This particular product caught my eye as I was hopping through blogs last week.

Out of the Box is one of the coolest finds I have run across lately. I love self pampering, trying new products, and value. I found all three of these with Out of the Box.

The concept is simple. Businesses send their sample product to Michelle. Michelle takes all the samples and certificates from the businesses and puts them in an adorable box. I buy the box and eagerly wait to see what fabulous goodies are to be found inside.

The box I received last week has some AWESOME stuff inside. There are numerous decadent full-size soaps; my favorite are the ones that look and smell exactly like the Circus Peanuts candy I enjoyed at my Papaw’s house as a child (and the things to enjoy there were few). YUMMY! Ant the cutest Rainbow Bright magnet, yep that brought back sweet memories too. The scented candles too are awesome, and yes I mean candles as in multiple. Lovely artistic greeting cards and sweetly scented lotions, fun things for a relaxing bath and a gorgeous artsy pin all brought a smile to my face as I delved into the box. It was SO much fun to receive and open.
All of the treasures found in this box, if acquired individually would require stops at endless websites, retyping addresses and probably paying for multiple shipping (even on samples) would likely cost $40-$60. The value of the samples themselves, especially the full size ones, is extraordinary. The total cost of this Friday Find is a mere $22 including shipping! That, my friends, is a steal. This is so much more fun that a trip to the mall for “shopping therapy” when I am blue, and doesn’t leave me with a credit card bill at the end of the month either.

I suspect I will find myself anxiously awaiting the availability of ne
xt month’s box weeks before it becomes available. I am also certain I will purchase these boxes in the future as gifts, and if I am unwilling to give a whole box as a gift the items would be awesome additions to gift baskets, stocking stuffers or just thoughtful pick-me-ups for friends.

Are there any drawbacks to Out of the Box you may ask? Yes, two. One is that there are enough products I know I will not have the supply exhausted in one month. And two, if I purchase a box as a gift for a friend it is unlikely I will be able to gift it without peeking inside first.
Michelle has a simple to maneuver website where you can find listings of all the contributors and any coupons they may be offering. She acknowledges orders very quickly and my box was shipped within 24 hours of my purchase.

I love this Friday Find and hope you all do too!

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  1. Wow, what a neat box to open and get to explore through all your goodies! =0)

    That's really neat.

    Rainbow Brite Cereal? ha ha ha